Investing in Volatility and the VIX - Whitepaper:

ETFs, VIX Futures, and Hedge Funds

Nowadays, there are dozens of ways to get exposure to VIX and Volatility. Can you say you truly understand how these products work and the difference between the VIX and VIX Futures? We've put together a fundamental report to help investors understand the history of the VIX, how it is determined, and the many investment possibilities around the so called "fear index."

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A Go-To Source for everything VIX:


Is VIX a Hedge or Alpha Generator?

Both or neither depending who you ask. Hear different perspectives


Is the VIX Trade Too Crowded?

How crowded can one trade become before the dam breaks? And what will amplify such break?


$ 4 Billion in AUM

Which strategies have made 4,300% and which have lost more than 80%?


Creating Alpha, Spike or no Spike

Lots of people pay attention to the VIX when it spikes, but what about when the market is calm? How do these strategies make money?